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Full Time Faculty Adjunct

Lisa Hollander

Full Time Faculty

Lisa Hollander

Lisa HollanderTitle: Professor - History
Office: ASII 403
Extension: 3352

Master of Arts: Columbia University (New York)
Bachelor of Arts: University of Denver
Int'l and Comparative Politics: The London School of Economics

Lisa Hollander holds a BA in English from the University of Denver, a Diploma in International and Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics, an MA from Columbia University in New York and has completed coursework for a PhD in History. Deeply committed to bringing international issues into the Missouri community college curriculum, Ms. Hollander serves on the Academic Affairs Committee, the Global Education Committee and on the Board of the Missouri Community College Association. She is the College Study Abroad Advisor and Global Studies Program Coordinator. She is a member of the Society for History Education, the National Education Association and is listed in Who’s Who Among America`s Teachers. In her spare time, Ms. Hollander likes to be outside with her dogs or collecting historical objects of all kinds, such as Orthodox icons, fountain pens and war memorabilia. Born in Zimbabwe, Ms. Hollander has lived in a multitude of countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and in six different states of the United States.