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Sean Birke
Kimberleigh Foster
Wesley Whitfield

Allen Savage

Full Time Faculty

Sean Birke

Sean BirkeTitle: Professor-Chemistry
Office: ASI 223
Extension: 3330

Master of Science: U of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor of Arts: Occidental College

Mr. Birke graduated in 1988 from Occidental College in Los Angeles with an B.A. in Chemistry and a research emphasis in Biochemistry in which he determined the kinetic mechanism for human erythrocyte Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. Over the next two years Mr. Birke pursued a M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry under the direction of Bob McMahon, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The focus of his research was organic non-linear optic materials. From Wisconsin, Mr. Birke moved to the University of Missouri at Columbia from 1990 to 2000. There, under the direction of Dave Emerich, he studied the genetic regulation of the malate dehydrogenase gene from Bradyrhizobium japonicum and its supporting role in nitrogen fixation. He is currently A.B.D.

Mr. Birke was recently nominated to Who`s Who in American higher education. Some of his hobbies and other interests include: hiking, canoeing, reading and cooking.

Kimberleigh Foster

Kimberleigh FosterTitle: Science Lab Instructor
Office: ASI 215B
Extension: 3313

Master of Natural Science: Southeast Missouri St Univ
Bachelor of Science: Southeast Missouri St Univ

Mrs. Foster received her bachelor`s degree in biology and her master`s degree in Microbiology and Biochemistry from Southeast Missouri State University. Her experiences at Southeast include work on the "West Nile Surveillance Project" funded by the CDC and environmental antibiotic resistance research. She has significant experience in the field of nursing prior to attending graduate school. She has additional post graduate experience in the field of anaerobic environmental microbiology. She is currently a science laboratory instructor for the departments of chemistry and biology and is a lecturer in Microbiology at Jefferson College.

Wesley Whitfield

Wesley WhitfieldTitle: Asst Professor - Chemistry
Office: ASI 222
Extension: 3274

Master of Science: Florida State U at Tallahassee


Allen Savage

Allen SavageTitle: Adjunct-contracted
Extension: Contact Arts and Science Secretary at x3331 or Career and Tech Secretary at x3445

Master of Arts: Washington University